on Jul 1

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A 778m2 urban site zoned to promote infill development and provide affordable housing opportunities within the community. The grouped dwelling development consists of two single storey homes and one two storey home. The footprint they cast on the site has been carefully considered and pieced together like a puzzle to maximise the coverage of the site to form spacious feeling abodes on compact sub-divided parcels of land.


Beyond just investment return these buildings have responsibility to the environment. Passive solar design principals have been incorporated without any additional cost to the development. Each of the dwellings indoor and outdoor living areas and main windows are orientated to the north to soak up the warmth of the winter sun whilst the placement of secondary windows provide cooling cross ventilation in summer. Increased ceiling heights, open living areas, large glazing panels and a light colour palette imposes a perception of openness and increased size to these compact homes.


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