on Jul 1

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The floor plan for this new home has been inverted to accommodate the kitchen, living areas and master suite to the upper floor where the best views to the parkland can be enjoyed. The clients, a retired couple, sub-dived the lot in order to downsize. The home was to incorporate provisions for future accessibility, a separate secondary sleeping quarters for visitors on the ground floor and importantly a carport that would accommodate their caravan.

Massing materials of brick and concrete were used for the ground floor with a cost effective and well insulated lightweight construction systems for the first floor. The clients were instrumental in including as many energy efficient building systems as practicable. All windows are double glazed and are maximised to the north and minimised to the west. Operable sun louvers protect the northern windows and the roof structure will host solar hot water panels, solar photovoltaicĀ  collectors and a heat transfer system.

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